Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Dr. Mark Richardson is an ENT Specialist and Surgeon with 28 years’ experience in private practice. He is as passionate about his patients as he is about his speciality.

“Our commitment is to improve your quality of life, by taking care of any frustrating or chronic ear, nose and throat conditions you may be experiencing.”

The Practice

The professional and modern practice is located at St Dominic’s Medical Suites in East London, with a satellite practice in Queenstown. Most of our surgical procedures are performed at Life St James Hospital, but we also provide services at all the other hospitals within the region.

The practice focusses on academic medicine, networking closely with other medical specialists to ensure we can provide you with the best care and procedures available. We pride ourselves in being in the forefront of implementing new medical advancements including Navigation FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) and  Coblation (Controlled Ablation).

Stringent COVID precautions are in place including fogging, UV light sterilization and surface cleaning. All our staff are fully vaccinated. Patients’ privacy and confidentiality is vitally important to us, please refer to our POPIA Policy.

PLEASE NOTE – there are no longer uniform Medical Aid rates.
The practice charges a standard fee which is available on the Resources page.

Dr. Mark Richardson

Dr. Richardson qualified as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist FCS ORL (Fellow of the college of Surgeons Otorhinolaryngology) in 1992, at Wits University. He then moved to East London and started his private practice in 1993.

Dr. Richardson caters for all aspects within the specialisation, with a special interest in paediatrics, hearing loss and sinusitis. He regularly attends congresses and is part of the Academic Unit at the Frere Hospital, where he presents numerous talks.

Dr. Richardson is the St James Hospital Representative on Border Hospitals COVID Doctors’ Advisory Committee. He is also Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee at St James Hospital.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Richardson’s main love is for his family, participating in mountain biking stage races and is an avid runner with a passion for the beauty of trails.



Specialise in the surgical and medical management of ear conditions including insertion of grommets, repairing eardrums, correcting surfer’s ear, removing congenital defects causing infection, eradicating diseases from the mastoid and restoring middle ear hearing.

Nose & Sinuses

Straightening of the septum, opening of the nose as a result of severe allergies including removing polyps, removing tumours, stopping nose bleeds, removing adenoids and draining infected sinuses. (3D navigation sinus surgery often used to ensure disease clearance and safety).


Our expertise includes tonsillectomy, vocal cord tumour removal, unblocking salivary ducts and snoring procedures. We use coblation technology for tonsillectomy, which reduces operation time and is less painful for the patient.


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