Epiphora means watery eyes as opposed to lacrimation which occurs during, for instance, crying. The normal physiology and anatomy of the tear system is complex and the tears arise from the lacrimal gland which is located superiorally and laterally in the eye. The tears run over the conjunctivae and are pumped medially into a drainage system which goes into the nose. Tears are there to protect the eye and to lubricate the cornea. Watery eyes occur commonly over the age of 50 and also in young babies. It can occur in one or both eyes depending on the cause and may be contagious or not. Epiphora results in a number of symptoms including pain, decreased vision, itchiness and recurring infections of the eye and the lacrimal sac. There is an overlap of specialities in dealing with this problem as the Eye Specialists usually define the cause and the ENT Surgeon is trained in the drainage system.

What is the definition of Epiphora?