Nasal congestion is very common affecting everybody at some stage.  It can be very frustrating and has sequelae to the patient and obviously to the family.  It affects quality of life and can be associated with other symptoms or other organs involved, for instance, the chest.  Nasal blockage occurs equally in children and adults and can lead to incorrect over-the-counter medication.  Naturally nasal blockage can occur on one side, can fluctuate, or occur on both sides. 


Upper respiratory infections, either viral or bacterial, large adenoids, usually associated with large tonsils, allergic rhinitis with or without asthma.  And then other causes such as a foreign body in the nose which usually causes a unilateral purulent discharge.  Nasal trauma with subsequent nasal blockage is uncommon in children as the cartilage of the nose usually bends without breaking.  It must also be remembered that in a young child and baby, the airways are naturally small and nasal congestion can be regarded as normal.  One can however get congenital defects such as Choanal Atresia which can be life threatening.