The consequences of nasal obstruction in children are usually stertor with or without apnoea.  This can result in cardiac failure which is seen in the younger child usually about the age of one.  A blocked nose can affect teeth and palate growth with malalignment of the teeth and crowding together with a high-arched palate.  A blocked nose can severely effect baby feeding and result in malnutrition.  It can also cause middle ear disease, and bed-wetting and is associated with ADHD.  In adults, a blocked nose is all about quality of life with stertor and apnoea affecting the patient and the patient’s partner.  The patient will experience lack of concentration, productivity and fatigue and as with children can lead to cardio pulmonary sequelae.   The stertor has been covered in a previous blog.  Mouth breathing can lead to dental and throat problems and a blocked nose can result in sinus pain and headaches together with a discharge from the nose and nose bleeds.  Anosmia (inability to smell) is also very common in nasal congestion especially with polyps. 

Why Does Your Nose Get Stuffy One Nostril At A Time?