Most dizzy ear problems arise from the inner ear, although impacted wax and middle ear disease can also contribute. BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo) is when the gravity crystals become dislodged (often for no reason) floating around causing short episodes of vertigo e.g. when rolling over in the bed.

Menieres disease is an intermittent recurring accumulation and release of fluid from the inner ear, resulting in severe longer vertigo, a feeling of pressure in the ear and ringing.

Labyrinthitis is probably a viral infection of the inner ear and nerves resulting in vertigo with or without hearing loss. It can be so severe needing admission to the hospital.

Vestibular migraines; they usually occur with headaches and have a shorter form of vertigo lasting an hour or two.

Vestibular paroxysms are very brief episodes of imbalance caused by probably blood vessels pressing on dizzy nerves.

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